Mama Needs a Cadillac, it was inspired by my wonderful mother. She was the truck driving, all people kind of loving woman. She called me one day, test driving a 4x4. She told me "I'm about to buy this 4-wheel drive, big wheeled truck... and a few minutes later, she said "I was wrong son, I am too old for these trucks..Mama Needs a Cadillac".

My new single Don't Know Why is now available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and all the digital stores you can find! I wrote this one with my buddy Jessie Rush, great song writer, check him out too 🤘Don’t Know Why is about a guy they call crazy, the drinkin cost him his job, he sang a tune about Johnny Cash and now he’s hitched to a brand new..

I was working for a locomotive company when I wrote Wild Tonight. The kind of job where you never really can wash all the dirt off at the end of the day. A tribute song to the blue-collar workers to remember to let loose after those working hours, and treat yourself to whatever makes you happy!

I wrote Baby Will Ya for my wife and recorded it for our first wedding dance together. This song is a reminder that no matter what the past holds, it’s behind us for a reason and built the road that lead us to where we are today.

Ted Stockton © 2019 by STEPHANi.

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